Find out why switching to a natural gas BBQ makes more sense than ever. Make the switch today.

4 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Gas BBQ

If you have natural gas in your area and have been wondering if it would be worth it to switch to a natural gas BBQ, here are some really good reasons why you should consider the switch.

1. Cost: Natural Gas Costs Less than Propane

One reason why many people switch to natural gas is because it often costs less than propane. However, it’s a little difficult to compare the cost of natural gas to propane for a few reasons:

  • Price Fluctuations: The prices of both fuels vary throughout the year depending on supply and transport costs.
  • Different Measures: Natural gas is measured in cubic meters and propane is measured in litres.
  • Different Heat Levels: Propane gas burns about 3 times hotter than natural gas, so you need more natural gas to achieve the same temperatures. Natural gas BBQ’s are designed to increase the flow of gas to achieve the same amount of heat as a propane BBQ.

Having said that, on average natural gas is often the cheaper option. At times it can cost about 1/3 of the price of propane.

In addition, It is often difficult to tell exactly when your propane tank will run out. As a result, if you use a propane tank exchange program, you may find yourself exchanging your tank before it is completely empty just so that you won’t run out in the middle of cooking. This means that you are paying for propane that you didn’t use. With natural gas, you only pay for the gas that you use; none is wasted.

Even though you need to use more natural gas than propane to achieve high heats, it is still the cheaper option

2. Environmental Friendliness: Natural Gas is Better for the Environment than Propane

Burns Cleaner:

One of the reasons that natural gas is more environmentally friendly is because it burns slightly cleaner than propane. This is because it requires less oxygen for combustion.

Less Refinement:

In addition, natural gas does not need the same amount of refinement as propane does. The natural gas that comes out of the ground is very similar to the natural gas that is pumped to your home. It consists of mostly liquid methane and has gone through very limited refining.

Propane, on the other hand, goes through much more refining. It is actually a hydrocarbon extracted from natural gas. This extra refinement is harder on the environment.

Fewer Pollutants:

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, a survey done by Zhang Y,  Chen BS,  Liu GQ, et al. found that pollutant levels were lower with natural gas than with propane.

3. Convenience: You Never Have to Change a Tank with Natural Gas

Anyone who has used a propane barbecue has probably at one time had it run out of gas right in the middle of cooking a meal! 

Unless you have an extra tank on hand, it means an unexpected and inconvenient trip to get your tank re-filled.

Your half-cooked food in the meantime was likely ruined or at least not as good as it could have been!

If you install a natural gas BBQ, your gas is always available when you need it. There is no guesswork involved, such as wondering if you still have enough propane left in your tank to cook your whole meal.

4. Safety: Natural Gas Is Safer than Propane

Natural gas is lighter than propane gas and quickly dissipates into the air. Propane, on the other hand, is heavier and will hang out in the air rather than being blown away with a slight breeze. This means that there is a greater chance for propane to ignite if there is a leak, which makes natural gas safer than propane. However, it is always important to check both propane and natural gas BBQ’s for leaks on a regular basis.

Propane is heavier than natural gas, so it is more likely to ignite if there is a leak

With a natural gas BBQ, you never have to worry about running out of gas. Your BBQ is connected right to your gas line and will always have a constant supply. It also means that you will never have to change your propane tank or go and get it refilled. Once your natural gas bbq is hooked up, all you’ll have to worry about is barbecuing amazing food.

Trust Draft Control to Help You Switch to Natural Gas

If natural gas is available in your area, then the choice is pretty simple. A natural gas BBQ will probably be less expensive to run, is better for the environment, is safer, and is definitely much more convenient than a propane BBQ. If you are thinking of switching to a natural gas BBQ, contact Draft Control.

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