For those of you thinking about installing a new fireplace or replacing your old fireplace, here are 7 of the best gas fireplace designs. Get your own gas fireplace installed or repaired now!

7 of the Best Gas Fireplace Designs

A gas fireplace can give you the ambiance of a real wood fireplace with little or no maintenance. Check out these beautiful gas fireplace designs to get you inspired. If you require servicing for your current gas fireplace or would like to install a new one, you can trust Draft Control to do it for you.

1. Tantalizingly Traditional

This traditionally-styled gas fireplace would be the perfect centrepiece of any larger room – Image Source: Regency

Perfect for Traditional & Classic Decors: Who said you had to give up authenticity if you install a gas fireplace. This traditional gas fireplace from Regency even comes with hand painted logs to resemble a real wood-burning fireplace. It’s perfect for a larger living room with its dark, rich wood coloured surround.

2. Majestic & Modern

If you prefer something unique, you’ll love this modern-styled gas furnace – Image Source: Brad S Knutson

Perfect for Modern, Open Concept Homes: This bold and modern take on a peninsula gas fireplace by Brad S Knutson is sure to please anyone who loves a unique look. The sleek lines and glass surround is minimalist yet at the same time, it makes a bold statement. It would look perfect in an open-concept layout, acting as a decorative divider of spaces.

3. Stunning in Stone

Accent your room with this stunning stone gas fireplace – Image Source: The Fireplace Specialist

Perfect for Dividing Spaces in Your Room: There’s something so beautiful about a natural stone fireplace. This three-sided gas fireplace from The Fireplace Specialist is sure to be an amazing addition to any room. The gorgeous glass viewing area is made with double-wall glass so it doesn’t require a safety barrier screen. That means you can enjoy the soothing flames without worrying about little ones getting too close.

4. Fantastic Hearth-less Fireplace

A gas fireplace can still look amazing without a hearth – Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Perfect for a Contemporary, Sleek Design: If you love the look of the actual flames but aren’t crazy about a hearth surrounding your gas fireplace, then a sleek linear style may be just what you are looking for. Linear fireplaces set into your wall take up less real estate in your room but they still give you the cozy and elegant look of natural flames. This beautiful design above comes from Better Homes and Gardens and it is a great focal point for this modern living room.

5. Environmentally Friendly Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol burning fireplaces are a great way to help preserve our environment – Image Source: Brad s. Knutson

Perfect for the Environmentally-Conscious Homeowners: This next gas fireplace design is an incredibly environmentally friendly model as it burns ethanol. This contemporary style from Brad S. Knutson is also vent-less, which means that all of the heat will stay put in your room. Its beautiful slate grey tiles are echoed in the adjacent walls, cleverly pulling the design of this room together.

6. Small but Stunning

Small fireplaces can still give you a “wow” factor! – Image Source: The Fireplace Specialist

Perfect for an Apartment or Smaller Space: A gas fireplace design doesn’t have to be enormous to be stunning. This lovely example from The Fireplace Specialist shows how a smaller unit strategically placed in your home can have a huge impact and still give you that “wow” factor that you want from a fireplace. You can even enjoy this model from both sides of the pillar divider.

7. Breathtaking Bathroom Fireplace

Put a gas fireplace any place in your home where you want to relax – Image Source: Regency

Perfect for the Bedroom/Bathroom: Who said you could only have a gas fireplace in your living room? Take a look at this awesome unit that can be enjoyed both while you are having a relaxing soak in your tub and once you curl up with a good book in bed. You get two amazing views from one model. This wonderful gas fireplace design idea comes from Regency.

Gas Fireplace Designs: Want to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert?

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