Gas Fireplace & BBQ Repair Service

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If your fireplace is not working…

Contact us immediately so we can send one of our heating technicians out right away to get the repair process started.

Switching from a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace?

We all know how cold Ottawa can get. We also know how comforting a fireplace can be. A gas fireplace is sensible, smart and easy to operate and energy-efficient. A gas fireplace insert is a great choice to replace an existing wood fireplace. They fit perfectly into the wood fireplace and are vented to the outside through the chimney or a special pipe.

Gas Fireplace Malfunction

Gas fireplaces need to be serviced on a regular basis. Often when not properly maintained, fireplaces just like other appliances can break down. No matter what might be wrong with your existing gas fireplace, our technicians are on hand to professionally diagnose it and get the problem fixed; from repairing or replacing your pilot light to unclogging your burner ports to eliminating soot. And that goes for all makes and models.

Draft Control Heating & Cooling is your full-service, Ottawa area resource for gas insert fireplace installation, maintenance and repair. As licensed gas fitters, we safely install gas connections and vent your new fireplace outdoors.

Speaking of outdoors, do you have a gas BBQ?

If you have access to natural gas but are still using your old and inefficient propane BBQ, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to gas. Have Draft Control install a gas supply line to your new natural gas BBQ. We can also look after any repair and maintenance to your outdoor unit.

Key Benefits of Converting to a Natural Gas BBQ

Savings – Currently the price of natural gas is a fraction the price of propane.
Worry Free – Needing never to worry about the risk of running out of propane halfway through cooking your meal.
Convenience – No more switching out propane tanks and driving to the gas station to pick up another tank.