Furnace Repair & Maintenance Service

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If your furnace is not working…

Contact us immediately so we can send one of our heating technicians out right away to get the repair process started.

Is your furnace not emitting sufficient heat or making odd sounds?

Is there some water condensate on the floor? If any of these is true, then repair services may be necessary. Any heating or ventilation system breakdowns should be repaired immediately when detected. Prompt HVAC repair services may help you save money before the problems become irreversible and a total unit replacement is necessary. You can help prevent issues with your system by scheduling routine maintenance on your furnace every year. During a maintenance visit, our technician will inspect and clean your furnace to help the system to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Has your old furnace become costly and unreliable?

Today’s high-efficiency options can often pay back your investment in only a few short years, and the cost may be less than you think. Our knowledgeable technician can assess your home’s needs and recommend the best, most cost-effective options.

Home Heating Tips for the Ottawa Area’s Cold Season

During the deep freeze

During the deep freeze, it’s very important to verify your combustion air intake termination is free from frost accumulation. This will affect the operation of your heating equipment, and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Air quality in your home

Never take the quality of air in your home for granted, without proper filtration; dust can settle in ducts, plug the heat exchanger on your furnace or even block your air conditioner coil, but most importantly, this is the air you and your family is breathing everyday.

Never close your supply registers

You should never close your supply registers in your home in order to force heat to the top floor in your home. We recommend that you have a professional do this. We will verify the furnace isn’t overheating and causing it to fail. Tests need to be conducted to make sure you can safely close off a few registers.

Change the filter quarterly

Before calling in a contractor to repair your furnace, be sure to verify your filter has been replaced (the furnace may have cut out do to it over heating). It’s best practice to change the filter quarterly with fan set for “auto”. If the fan is on continuous, change the filter every 30 to 45 days.

Air filters

There are expensive air filters, and then there’s cheap. It’s important to find the one that works best for your system (for example, if it’s too restrictive, it may cause overheating in the winter and icing up during the summer). When we perform a maintenance, we verify the temperatures and airflow pressure to confirm your filter is right for you.

In times of snow storms

In times of snow storms, it is very important to verify that your vent pipes and intakes are clear of snow. Snow levels often rise above them in extreme weather and can cause your furnace, boiler or water heater to shutdown.

Change your thermostat batteries annually

Remember to change your thermostat batteries annually. They can corrode and damage the thermostat if left in there too long.

Efficiency, safety and furnace longevity

Any homeowner or handy man can take a brush and vacuum a furnace, it takes a gas fitter to calibrate the gas pressure on the gas valve and conduct a complete combustion analysis. Have your unit maintained annually to improve efficiency, safety and furnace longevity.