Air Conditioner Disposal Ottawa

So your air conditioner has finally stopped working and it’s time to replace it with a newer more efficient model. But how do you get rid of your old air conditioner in the Ottawa area? An air conditioner cannot be simply placed out at the curb for pick-up. Read on to find out the proper way to get rid of your old air conditioner. If you need a new air conditioner installed, you can trust the HVAC specialists at Draft Control to do it right. Contact us today..

Air Conditioners Need to Be Recycled in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa does not pick up appliances such as air conditioners, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks, furnaces, or oil tanks as part of its waste collection services. This is because these types of appliances contain parts that can be recycled so it is important that they do not take up precious space in our landfill sites. 

You need to take your old air conditioner to a recycling centre or find a recycling company that will pick it up and take it away for you. Our landfills are quickly filling up and appropriate sites to start new ones are hard to find. You can learn more about landfill sites in the following video.

Air Conditioner Disposal Ottawa: Recycling your appliances will keep them from filling up our overcrowded landfill sites

Air Conditioning Coolant Is a Hazardous, Ozone-Depleting Substance That Needs Special Handling

Appliances like air conditioners contain coolant, which is a hazardous chemical, and it must be removed and tagged by a certified technician before it is taken to a landfill site.

The reason that air conditioning coolant needs special handling is that it is known as an ozone-depleting substance. Substances such as this can deplete the ozone layer in two ways:

1. If air conditioning coolant is released into the atmosphere at the Earth’s surface (in a landfill site) it does not get washed back into the ground by rain or destroyed by other chemicals. It instead drifts back into the stratosphere where it can remain anywhere from 20 to 120 years or more.

2. It contains harmful chemicals such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)  and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) that help the natural reactions that destroy the ozone layer. The ozone layer helps to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Damaging this protective layer means that life on earth is more exposed to this damaging radiation.

Proper Air Conditioner Disposal Ottawa: ​It will help protect our ozone layer


Dumping Coolant in Your Regular Garbage Endangers Waste Collection Workers

Not only is it against the law to dump hazardous wastes such as air conditioner coolant in your regular garbage, but it is also putting the waste collection workers at risk. Inhaling CFCs can affect the central nervous system resulting in lightheadedness, headaches, tremors, and convulsions. They can also disturb the heart rhythm and exposure to large amounts can cause asphyxiation.

Air Conditioner Disposal Ottawa

If you don’t have the time or the ability to take your air conditioner to a recycling facility, then you can contact a business that will provide this service for you. You can look use the Yellow pages and search for recycling companies that do this. One such business that does air conditioner disposal is Recycle It Ottawa. This company offers free pickup and removal of most appliances, including air conditioners.

Watch how an air conditioner is taken apart for scrap

Hazardous Waste Disposal in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa offers several one-day household hazardous waste depots for city residents for residential household waste. For information about the times and locations of these events, click here.

Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need Repairing or Replacing

It is not always obvious when it is time to replace your air conditioner. It may simply need to be repaired. If you notice any of the following signs, contact an air conditioning repair company you can trust to take a look at it.

  • It’s not cooling your home as it used to
  • The thermostat is malfunctioning
  • There’s residue on your filters from dirt, dust, soot, or mold
  • It’s leaking refrigerant fluid
  • There’s a blockage within the conduit systems

Dirt, dust, soot and mold can clog up your air conditioner filters so they need to be replaced regularly

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