In this post, we are going to give you step by step instructions on how to replace your water heater.

We have more than 14 years of experience in the HVAC industry, including repairing and installing water heaters, and we would love to share our helpful advice with you.

We’re going to take a closer look at what is involved in replacing a water heater. So let’s get started!

Replace Water Heater – Step by Step

It’s best to let a professional install any gas appliances
– Image Source: US Department of Energy

Note: The following instructions are given for information purposes only. A gas water heater is best replaced by a trained technician who has the experience and training to replace your water heater safely.


Tools and Materials Needed to Replace Water Heater


Here are the steps involved to replace your gas water heater:


Step 1: Shut off the water supply to your water heater.


Step 2: Shut off the gas supply to your water heater.

Turn the gas switch to “Off” – Image Source: This Old House

Step 3:  Drain all of the water out of your water heater.


Drain the water from your tank – Image Source: This Old House

Step 4: Remove the Old Piping

Remove the old gas piping and the overflow from the temperature and relief valve.

Remove the old gas piping – Image Source: This Old House

Step 5: Remove the Flue Gas Connection

You will need to break the galvanized flue gas connection located on top of your water heater to remove it.

Take off the galvanized flue gas connection
– Image Source: This Old House

Step 6: Clean Your Pipes

It’s a good idea to clean your hot and cold copper water line pipes before you cut them. If they are clean, then it will be easier to hook up your new water heater to them later. Cut these water lines with a tube cutter. Once you have cut these pipes, you can remove your old water heater.

Clean pipes before you cut them – Image Source: This Old House

Step 7: Install Your New Water Heater

Bring in your new water heater and place it where the old one was connected.

Note: If your new water heater is the same size as your old one it will be quite straight-forward to install. However, if it is larger, then you will probably need to re-pipe it.

If your new hot water heater is larger, you will have to adjust your piping to fit – Image Source: This Old House

Step 8: Re-connect the Fittings

Re-connect your gas by dry fitting the old gas connection to the new ones. Use some pipe dope to seal the connections.

*Tip: Use two pipe wrenches when you are attaching the gas valves so that you won’t stress them.

Re-connect your gas fittings – Image Source: This Old House

Step 9: Attach the Pipes

Attach the pipe assemblies to the hot and cold water pipes above your water tank and solder them in place.

Step 10: Attach the Vent

Attach your vent to the new water heater by tightly pushing it onto the draft hood and connecting it with three 3/8 inch sheet metal screws.

Attach your draft hood – Image Source: This Old House

Step 11: Fill with Water

Make sure that your drain valve is closed. Then, you can turn your water back on at the main and open the cold water valve on your water heater. You can leave this valve turned on.

Step 12: Turn on Gas and Test

Turn the gas back on. Check for leaks in your connections by placing some soapy water (half dish-washing liquid and half water) on each of your connections. If any bubbles form, you know that there must be a leak there that you will need to repair.

The following video will show you these steps in greater detail.

Replace water heater: Trust a professional to do it for you

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