Gas Fireplace Trends 2019: Discover the hottest gas fireplace trends for this year. You’ll see styles including corner, linear, and peninsula designs to get you inspired. Then contact Draft Control to install your beautiful new gas fireplace for you.

Gas Fireplace Trends 2019

Trend #1: Corner Fireplaces

If you would love a gas fireplace, but you don’t want it to take up a lot of space, take a look at one of the most clever gas fireplace trends for 2019. The corner fireplace is the perfect way to use often unusable space in the corner of your room.

If you’ve always wanted a fireplace in your kitchen, a corner one just might be the answer. With wall space at a premium, it is often difficult to incorporate a fireplace into a kitchen, but placing it in the corner of your breakfast nook could do the trick nicely.

Corner fireplaces takes up very little space and look great – Source: SHW Home Decor 

A corner fireplace works great in a kitchen too –
Source: Trend Decora

Trend #2: Feature Fireplaces that Are the Focal Point of Your Room

One of the hottest gas fireplace trends this year is making your fireplace the focal point of your room. You can do this by going extra-large with an extended mantle-piece that you can use to display your featured treasures. You can further accentuate your fireplace with a welcoming hearth and surround it with beautiful tiles or hand-cut, rustic stones.

Fireplaces aren’t just for the living room. They can also be the focal point of your master bedroom, kitchen, or even a bathroom!

Fireplaces make lovely focal points for any room
– Source: Granville Stone & Hearth

A traditional gas fireplace looks inviting and classic – Source:  

Trend #3: Contemporary Linear Fireplaces

If you prefer a more contemporary look to your gas fireplace, then why not consider a linear style? The linear style is one of the current gas fireplace trends that is here to stay. Why? Because it so seamlessly fits into any modern decor with clean lines and a flare that you are going to love.

You can choose from an extra-wide to a smaller and more subtle version. And with today’s great advancements, you can even purchase ones that that are designed to control their heat. This means that you can even hang heat-sensitive items such as large screen TVs or delicate artwork above them without any worry of them getting damaged.

Linear fireplaces feature lovely clean lines
– Source: Gravetics 

Feel comfortable hanging precious items above your heat-controlled  linear fireplace
– Source: Granville Stone and Hearth

Trend #4: Use Mixed Materials that You Never Thought Could Be Used Together in a Fireplace

2019 gas fireplace trends will incorporate some rather unusually paired materials to make some of the coolest fireplaces around. Cement paired with wood and stone looks amazing together in this ultra-modern corner fireplace. We especially like the way the wood logs are incorporated into this design to give the feeling of a traditional fireplace yet with the convenience of a gas one.

Or, why not try wood paneling mixed with black metal for another bold design statement? The long wooden boards give the illusion of the fireplace being much larger than it is when it actually takes up very little floor space!

Mix cement with stone and wood for a wonderful effect – Source: SHW Home Decor  

Black metal & wooden planks combine beautifully in this fireplace design
– Source: Desire to Inspire

Trend #5: Use Your Fireplace to Divide Your Rooms

Gas fireplaces that double as a room divider are also known as peninsula fireplaces and they are another of the most popular gas fireplace trends this year. You can either have ones that extend all the way to your ceiling for more privacy or ones that are simple half walls.

They also come in contemporary, modern, and more traditional designs to suit any decor. You can also get multi-sided glass panels that will allow you to see the beautiful frames from many different angles and vantage points.

Peninsula fireplaces come in half-wall sizes too
– Source: DEY Distributing

Dividing gas fireplaces can be viewed from many  angles – Source: Fireplace Designs

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